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What to Expect
  • Expect loving Christians to warmly welcome you
  • Expect the worship of God to be the reason we gather Lord's Day after Lord's Day and to further learn how to worship God, love Jesus Christ, and be humbly led by the Holy Spirit
  • Expect the worship service to be designed with the whole people of God in mind (diversity is our strength--meaning, we all are called to actively worship God with our minds, hearts, mouths, eyes, hands, legs, etc)
  • Expect the worship service to be done with a spirit of excellence
  • Expect the worship service to be ordered by the logic of the gospel (praise, confession, faith, sacrificially giving, means of grace, thanksgiving, and benediction)
  • Expect the worship service to establish an atmosphere of reverence, as we meet with God who is among us
  • Expect clear and edifying preaching throughout a book of the Bible and topical preaching when appropriate
  • Expect the worship music–as a gift of God–to move our emotions, memory, and discipline us toward our great God who sanctifies our souls
  • Expect to receive the Lord's Supper on the last Sunday of the month (we ask that you be a Christian that's in good standing with a church as the local expression of Christ's body)
  • Expect the worship service to be about 75min in length (worship services starts at 10 am)
  • Expect to be invited to our potluck lunches on the second and last Sundays of the month